Root Cause Designs

We're Steve and Cassie, the nerdiest couple you will ever meet. We work together to create fun web things.

Are you looking for a new website, or need your current one refreshed and revamped? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here's the deal.

Our main goal is to make sure you have the web presence you want.

We use our own, personalized process to help us guarantee the best work possible. We're 100% transparent 100% of the time, and you'll be included throughout your entire project. Have questions? We love helping you understand everything that we're doing.

Once we've completed your project, we are available for the life of your product to answer any of your questions. Need training? We'll provide that as well so that you feel comfortable making changes on your own.


What can we do? See for yourself.

Below are just a few examples of our latest work. Check out our Github to see more.

  • the READR

    the READR

    Design concept for an online Article database.

    Take a look
  • Tire Stop

    Tire Stop

    The Godfather of Tires and Rims.

    Take a look
  • Infinity Health

    Infinity Health

    Self-awareness. Inner peace. Pilates.

    Take a look
  • GitHub


    Want to see more? Check out our projects from the past and present.

    Take a look

Visit Our Shop.

When we're not doing nerdy things, we make event stationary.

Visit our Etsy Shop! Onward to Etsy!

Meet the Team.

We are a husband and wife super team. We work on both sides of the spectrum: one on creative, the other on business. But don't let that fool you; we are both highly involved throughout the entire process.

  • Cassie

    the creative side

    in charge of all designs, code and fun stuff

  • Steve

    the business side

    in charge of all things business

  • Murphy & Mouse

    the mascots

    in charge of being cute

Now, we know you're probably wondering, what makes us so different? We only focus on small businesses around the community. Not only that, but we provide training at the end of every project, making sure that you feel comfortable making updates on your own.

Drop us a line.

Interested in getting on the web or in need of a site refresh? Send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

Just starting the creative process? We can also help you put your ideas into actual design by providing clean prototypes and mock-ups.

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